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How to Talk About Cheese Like You Know What You’re Talking About

Cheese is basically just rotten milk. But anyone who has ever looked at a grocery store cheese shelf has seen how that simple process can create vastly different results.

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How to Not Embarrass Yourself at a Winery

Tasting wine isn’t about rules. That said, when you’re at a winery, you should really follow these 8 rules.


Here's the Right Way to Hold a Wine Glass

From finding an affordable bottle of wine you love to figuring out the right way to hold a wine glass, navigating the wine world can be confusing. To help make drinking and order wine a little less intimidating, Victoria James, a sommelier, answered all of our most pressing wine-related questions.


Ten Top-Rated Rosés

With the release of the latest rosé vintage, the tasting panel at Wine Enthusiast has had the opportunity to taste many exceptional wines. And as these pink-hued bottles start hitting the shelves across the country, the warming glow of summer will be soon to follow.


How Sparkling Wine is Made

It’s hard to believe, but effervescence in wine was not always considered a good thing. For centuries, Old World winemakers in cool regions struggled with bottles that would re-ferment when hot, which would create unintentional bubbles.


What is Acidity in Wine?

Ever pull a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator and notice what look like little glass shards swirling around the bottom or stuck to the underside of the cork? It’s freaky, yes, but they’re actually harmless tartaric acid crystals. Welcome to the strange world of acidity in wine.


21 Tasty Wine Cocktails

Wine cocktails are having a moment once again, and for good reason. As pretty as they are light and refreshing, they make for a smart drink whether you’re serving for two or 22.


The Best Champagne Pairings

Champagne is delicious alone, but even better when smartly partnered up with a delicious bite. From chilled peach soup to crispy udon noodles, these incredible recipes make perfect pairings for Champagne. 


The Top Vineyards All Around the U.S.

Travelers who tour vineyards and indulge in a few glasses of the house speciality are unlikely to leave less cheery. But there are a few select vineyards around the country that go above and beyond to astound visitors.


Drink to Win: 6 Successful Boozy Gadgets Featured on ‘Shark Tank’

In April 2019, a college-student-run company made national headlines after its Natural Light-drinking founders scored a deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Their invention? A cooler that can fit an entire 24-pack of beer — and keep it chilled without ice.


Top 15 Wines of Summer

Thinking of sun, sand and sea breeze? These are the perfect wines to pair with your summer plans—and they’re all under $15!


Canned wine? Really? Sales are growing for portable, chillable and down-to-earth drinks

A can of Pinot Noir in your backpack. A six-pack of rosé in the cooler.

What once seemed like heresy — drinking wine right from, well, a beer can — is now going mainstream with canned wine sales soaring and new brands racing to market.

And why not?


The Difference Between Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Long story short, all Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Engages Your Brain More Than Any Other Behavior, Says Neuroscientist

Gordon Shepherd argues that wine tasting actually stimulates your brain more than allegedly highfalutin activities like listening to music or even tackling a complicated math problem. 


Simple Science of Food and Wine Pairing

See the theory of food and wine pairing in action with this easy to use chart. Then, understand the simple science behind food and wine pairing based on our basic sense of taste.


The 10 Most Popular Wines in the World

Coming up with a tidy list of the 10 most popular wines in the world is not an easy challenge!


4 Good Red Wines For Beginners (Crowd Pleasers!)

Maybe you like wine for the implied health benefits (i.e. keto friendly, antioxidants, etc). Or, perhaps you just love rosé! Whatever the reason, one issue many newcomers struggle with is consistently choosing wines they love.

This is particularly true with red wines because, stylistically speaking, they’re very diverse.



Ever had a Frosé? If not, stop what you’re doing and make this frozen rosé wine cocktail! You’ll thank us later.

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