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Frequently Asked

1. What is Wine Jelly?

It is exactly what is sounds is jelly made from wine!


2. Is there wine actually in it?

Yes, there sure is! Instead of using fruit juice to make traditional jelly, we use wine. Amazing, right?

3. Is there alcohol in the Jelly?

99.99% of the alcohol cooks out byway of the process of making Wine Jelly. So the Jelly is basically free of alcohol. So you cannot get drunk by consuming a whole jar, nor will you get in trouble with your boss if you have some on your morning pastry. 

4. What do you put it on besides toast?

Holy cow! So many things! From sweet foods to savory foods, it is an amazing product that you will have a blast experimenting with. Check out the Recipes & Ideas page to get you started! 

5. Can children or pregnant women consume Wine Jelly?

We have had lots of children and pregnant women alike consume Wine Jelly. It is a personal decision though, as it does contain .01% alcohol. 

6. Can someone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity consume Wine Jelly?

Of course! Dig in! None of the ingredients in Wine Jelly contain gluten so enjoy and enjoy some more.


Have any more questions that are not answered here?
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