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About Me

Porsha Roy: Queen of the Grape and Mistress of Mirth

   Hey there, fellow vino-philes and laughter lovers! Porsha Roy here, the woman behind Wandering Wine Glass – your one-stop shop for all things grape-related (except the vineyard tan lines, those are purely on you).

   So, picture this: a girl, a glass of bubbly, and a dream bigger than a magnum of Dom Pérignon. That's me, folks, a small business owner with a passion for the perfect pour and a penchant for puns that would make even the stodgiest sommelier groan (in a good way, I promise).

   Wine isn't just a beverage in my world, it's a language, a love affair, and an excuse to wear fancy pajamas on a Tuesday. I love exploring new varietals, geeking out about terroir, and sharing my knowledge (and my stash) with anyone who'll listen (especially those with excellent taste in cheese).

   But wine isn't the only thing that gets my bubbles fizzing. I'm a travel bug with a passport permanently stamped with wanderlust, a kitchen sorceress who can whip up a mean soufflé blindfolded (and slightly tipsy), and the proud mama of two feline fur-balls named Jameson and Hendricks – yes, they're named after my favorite libations, don't judge!

   So, why choose Wandering Wine Glass? Well, because it's not just a shop, it's an experience. It's where you can learn about the world, one sip at a time, and where laughter is always on tap (alongside some pretty darn good wine, of course).

   So, come on in, raise a glass, and let's get this party started! Just remember, I may be small business, but my wine knowledge is vintage, my humor is top-shelf, and my puns are legendary. You've been warned.

Cheers to good times, good grapes, and even better company!

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