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Recipes & Ideas

We love hearing your reviews & thoughts about our Wine Jelly! Post them BELOW.

Savory Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Food Pairing Ideas

• Beef Roast

• Fresh Fruit

• Pork Loin

• Cheesecake

• Ice Cream

• Turkey

• Grilled Cheese

• Brie

• Pound Cake

• Yogurt

• Salmon

• Fresh Mozzarella

• Cream Cheese & Crackers

• Ham

• Pastries & Toast

• Gouda

• Sandwiches & Wraps

• Meat & Cheese Board

• Jalapeño Poppers

• Sharp Cheddar

• Thumb-print Cookies

• Gorgonzola

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Please leave any comments or reviews of the recipes below.
Your thoughts, opinions & ideas are most

Also, let us know what foods you are pairing with the Wine Jelly.

Share your pairing below so other Wine Jelly fans can enjoy!
love to hear all the ways that the Wine Jelly is being served.

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