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The 13 Places Around the World You Must Visit

If you’re like us, your bucket list is never truly complete. Tallying the destinations you’d like to travel to someday is a task that’s both fun and never-ending — and one that’s made infinitely more enjoyable by receiving recommendations from others.


10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

Whether it's an abandoned, 20th-century hotel balancing precariously on the edge of a cliff in , or a boutique property in  with all kinds of bustling nightlife, these accommodations all share one thing in common: they're occupied by a spirit or two, making them the most haunted hotels in the world.


How to Use Your Vacation to Make You Happier at Home, According to Psychologists

There are ways to strategically use those rare out-of-office days to prolong that vacation-induced happiness. Here are a few ways to use your vacation to make you a happier person at home all year long.


42 Products You Should Invest In If You're A Frequent Flyer

If you're signed up for an airline rewards program (#adulting), then here are several things you'll be purchasing faster than you can say "the flight is expensive but it'll be cheap once we get there".


The World’s Most Amazing Black Sand Beaches

Whether it’s in the tropics of Hawaii and the Caribbean, along the coastlines of Greece and Italy, or rimming the far-flung shores of Iceland and New Zealand, these dark, dramatic shorelines make white beaches seem awfully—well—pale.


The best time to book your Labor Day flight

Although most travelers are under the impression that "the earlier the better" is the golden rule when it comes to purchasing airline tickets -- especially for travel over busy holiday weekends -- research suggests this may not be true.


20 of the best food tours around the world

Feast your eyes on these foodie walking tours, which reveal the flavors – and culture – of cities from Lisbon to Lima, Havana to Hanoi.


The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2021

With the first vaccines now rolling out, it seems the end of our long international nightmare is finally (finally!) in sight. In anticipation of that moment, we’ve once again compiled our annual list of the best places to travel in the coming year.

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Amazing Instagram Quotes and Caption Ideas from A to Z

Trying to pick the perfect Instagram caption or quote for your next travel gram? Avid social media users shouldn’t underestimate the power a caption can play in the success of your photograph, so we've compiled this list of quotes for Instagram so you can pick the best caption, every time.

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Here’s Why Planes Fly at 36,000 Feet

It’s a common situation for travelers. You fasten your seat belt, listen to the pre-flight safety demonstration, and prepare yourself for takeoff. After a few moments, the pilot comes on the overhead, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet.”

But how many of us have stopped to wonder why planes go this high up? 


19 European Castles On Airbnb That Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Break out your fancy hats and monocles; it's time to live like the bigwigs.


What to eat in Guatemala

Check out mouth-watering photos of Guatemala's rich cuisine. We'll show you what to eat and where to find it.


A Workaholic’s Guide to Relaxing on Holiday

Plenty of people think of being a workaholic as a positive. In reality, you will need to take break to avoid burning out. Taking a vacation and having time away from work can help you recharge your batteries and stay energized. This infographic from Lloyds Pharmacy serves as a workaholic’s guide to relaxing on your holiday.


Here’s What Travel Will Look Like in 2021, According to Psychics

Since so much of the travel industry is out of our control during the pandemic, we thought it would be fun to hear from psychics and mediums about what they foresee in the next lap around the sun.


You Probably Believe This Common Myth About Flying

The world of aviation can be complex, so there are plenty of myths flying around surrounding how air travel actually works.

Honeywell, which produces environmental control systems and cabin pressure technology for planes, decided to find out what some of the biggest myths about flying are.


How to Cry on an Airplane Without Anyone Noticing

Airplane movies always make me cry. 

It can be a comedy, an action-packed blockbuster, or even a nature documentary — anything with just the slightest hint of pathos will reduce me to a puddle of tears and give the passenger next to me cause for alarm. And I’m not alone.


The largest rooftop bar in the world is in Chicago and it has panoramic views of Lake Michigan

If you are in Chicago and want to see a spectacular view, you may be impressed by the one offered by what has been officially declared the world’s largest rooftop bar.


Is It Ever Okay...To Eat Tuna Salad on a Plane?

Our truly refined etiquette columnist is jet-lagged and ready to answer all of your travel questions.


Air Travel Hacks You Should Know [Infographic]

Traveling around the world by air can be lots of fun, especially so if you book in advance, choose the right time, pack your things right, and check airport conditions. This infographic from Quill takes a look at air travel hacks you should know

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