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Forks & Corks

The Forks & Corks is an annual event held in West Allis, WI. Now while I didn't get as wine happy as I did at the Wine & Dine, I did enjoy myself immensely. It was a smaller venue. But it was at the brand new Hampton Inn & Suites so the venue was pristine.

My partnet in wine tonight was the always entertaining Jessica Foor. A smashing broad if there ever was one. Just a delight!

We drank our way through the throngs of people. The crowd was a bit unruly at the beginning. We all want the wine, people! It's like everyone forgot how to wait in a civilized line! But it is West Allis.

None the less, the wine was flowing and the food was amazing.

Once the crowds thinned about halfway through the evening, we were able to finally get some time to talk to the wine presenters and retaste all of our favorites!

The wine was at 8 different stations in a large ovel. Around and round we went. How many laps? Nobody knows.

I'll be back next year! Cheers!

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