Jetset with Style

October 16, 2015

Once I knew what airlines I was flying on, then I could begin my search for my luggage. I knew the old luggage that was currently in my possession was not going to cut it for a fabulous trip over the pond. So new luggage was in order. 


Since I was flying Swiss Air, I headed over to their site to get their luggage dimensions. 


Now I know I might sound crazy, but I would like to go on my trip with only a carry on suitcase and a tote bag. When the thought first popped in my head, I thought someone else has taken over my brain, because I never travel light. Wear something twice? Ha! I had a day outfit and an evening outfit for everyday when I normally travel. But I know I will be changing flights, and I know I will be changing locations 4 times, so I don't want to lug a huge suitcase everywhere. Plus, the trend that I have been noticing on Airbnb is that practicly everyone has walk up apartments. I really don't want to drag a 50lb suitcase up 5 flights of stairs. I really don't want Europe to see sweaty Porsha. I want Europe to see polished Porsha. Put-together Porsha. Perky Porsha. Definetly not drippy, dry-heaving, can't talk because I'm out of breath Porsha. No, no, no. So carry-on, it is. 


This is going to be a HUGE challenge for me. Because not only are international carry-on dimensions smaller that the USA, there is a weight limit on them as well! Come on Europe! A weight limit! Like what is it? Like 25lbs? 30lbs? Oh is 8 kilograms which equals 17.637 pounds! That's like a shoe! One shoe! 


After I was done breathing into a paper bag, I immediatly went out and bought a hand held luggage scale. I got it on . I love Tanga.


I can do this. 17 pounds.


You know what, I'll just wear a lot of layers on the plane. It'll be fine. Really.  


Back to my luggage. After about 6 weeks of searching I found exactly what I was looking for on . I love ebags. 


I got the Waverly Paddock Shawl 4pc. Luggage Set. It's beautiful! I wanted neutral colors, but something distinct. It fits my carry-on dimensions with a tiny bit of wiggle room. And it has the matching tote bag I so desired. But as an added bonus it had the larger checked suitcase and a great hanging toiletry bag. Plus it was on sale at! 



Side note: I am a Rapid Rewards member through Southwest airlines. Now I know I am not taking Southwest for my Europe trip, but its nice to gain points wherever I can. Now ebags is a shopping partner with Rapid Rewards, so when I went to purchase my luggage, I logged on through the Rapid Rewards site which connected me to the site. So when I purchased my luggage I also got flyer points added to my Southwest account. I call that a double whammy! 

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