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Wisconsin Wine & Dine

I have wanted to go to this event for many years now. I finally got to go on the 2nd day. It is usually held on a Saturday and Sunday. I atually think it was better to go on Sunday because it wasn't as busy as I heard it was on Saturday.

I have never seen a bigger room filled with wine and food for my complete and utter consumption! It was spectacular and wonderful. Like a dream come true.

Thanks goodness I brought my wandering wine glass. More room for the important stuff!

There were many amazing wines there. As well as beer and liquor. Too much for one person to try everything. But I sure did try.

These were some of my favorites! That Soul Boxer Old Fashioned is awesome! The easiest Old Fashioned I have ever made. Let's be real. After a long day of work and you come home and desire a cold cocktail. The last thing you are in the mood for is muddling. Am I right?! You need to check this stuff out!

The owner is a pretty cool guy (but not as cool as his booze!) This was him at another event I went to a couple weeks later. Battle at Best Place- awesome event put on by Yelp at the historic Pabst Best Place.

Some other stations that I enjoyed were:

My partner in wine for the day was Janelle Douville. She kept up like a champ! Look- a wine in each hand! We were not messing around!

Cheers to a great day at the Wisconsin Wine & Dine!

The wines (beer/liquor) photographed above can be found here:

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