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The Hunt Is On

It was a perfectly sunny day to go on a hunt for the Wandering Wineglass. The first place that popped in my head was Antiques on 2nd . The third and fifth ward in Milwaukee is ripe with antique stores and I knew that was a big one. So off I went on the great search for the perfect wine glass companion.

As I started wandering around I came upon many glasses. Some were way too big.

Some were way too small.

Some were not exactly appropriate for the journey I was embarking on.

There were lots of glasses to choose from. I had to hold on to my purse quite tight while walking through the aisles. Spoiler alert: I actually didn’t break a single thing in the 2 hours I spent there!

Finally after view what had to be hundreds upon hundreds of glasses, there she was. The smoky grey gal was tucked away behind some other glasses, peeking out, whispering my name. “Porsha, Porsha, let me wander with you.” How could I resist?

She was everything I was looking for.

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