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And So It Begins

I am taking my first trip to Europe this winter and am so excited that I thought it might be fun and helpful to create a blog to document my experiences and provide my pros and cons along the way. This Christmas and New Years I will be traveling to France and Germany. For the first week I will be traveling to Lyon, France to spend Christmas there with whomever is lucky enough to take me in for the holiday. Then the second week I will be joining up with some friends in Berlin, Germany. A friend of mine is an au pair over in Berlin so we will be staying with her. She was how this whole trip got started. She invited us to come stay, and here we are! I brushed the idea off at first, then as my friends kept talking about it, I thought, why not? Let's see if I can do this! So I started saving money for a plane ticket. This weekend I will purchase my ticket and make it official. I will post another blog about my ticket buying experience.

Why the wineglass? Well, I was trying to think of something that described me, and what better thing than a wine glass? I usually have one in my hand anyway, so why not have my wineglass be my travel compainion in my new travels abroad.

So stayed tuned for all the fun my wineglass and I can get into in the upcoming months and hopefully years of wonderful travel abroad!

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